Saturday, April 18, 2009

I like you!

Its been a long time since I wrote about my experiences. Its been so long as I've just started realizing why its so difficult and challenging to be a teacher :)
When I was new to some children, I noticed they never cared about what I said. They either thought i was one of the children there or someone else but wouldn't accept me as a teacher.
Slowly I became familiar to some of them and they left their inhibitions. Even I had inhibitions and I still have as I don't really have any experience of dealing with children before this.
One particular girl who was among the eldest in the class and specially was acting very different.
The other teachers told me that she was a very obedient and good child all the while but has now started acting differently. It puzzled me as to what I was doing wrong. There were some new children who joined the class who were super active but I still felt a rebel in her against me more than being influenced by other children.
I tried my best to be as nice as possible and make them feel that I cared for them.
Then one day something happened that embarrassed the girl greatly. She was very quiet for a long time and I kept asking her what was wrong. She even started to cry. Probably she expected me to scold her or tell her why she did something like that and so refused to tell me till I found out myself. When I did, I just helped her with it and calmed her down telling her there was nothing wrong in what she did. After that day, she was nice to me. She no longer shows any rebellious nature towards me and sometimes pays me compliments too! I was flattered the other day when she said "I like you" and came and sat next to me in a lesson.
These are the times when I feel that maybe I am good at this and just require some patience and time to sort each child's individual nature and act accordingly.