Saturday, July 4, 2009

Teacher is it raining now?

Yeah so update on eclipses.. Hmm.. it was fun to do but it didnt generate the interest i thought it would. They could see the moons shadow on the earth but it kept them occupied for just 5 minutes. After that they started playing with the sun (my torch) :)

Now for some tit bits here and there.. Once some weeks ago, the weather was cloudy and I was describing the weather to the children saying its cloudy and can rain anytime.
After some time one child came up to me and asked me "Teacher is it raining now?" I said not yet. And then she came upto me every two minutes for atleast an hour asking me the same question!
I really ran out of patience in the end but yeah it was hardly anything harmful so i still answered her politely. I decided, next time I'll just talk about the present and not tell her any predictions!