Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year

One week has passed and time flew and today I am exhausted.
Now I know why teachers are always tired no matter how good their kids are.

Today was Chinese New year celebration in my pre-school and the kids were very excited
as they wore new clothes and no uniforms. Most of them were dressed in chinese traditional dresses and looked really sweet.
Theres a twin pair in the children a girl and a boy. They pulled open their shirts and then refused to wear a new chinese dress after that. They wore an old T-shirt instead.
Sometimes kids are so weird!

So since we were supposed to only enjoy today, the kids routine was fully spoilt. They ate at a different time than everyday and slept at a different time. By the afternoon, they were so cranky that it was so tough managing them.

I had written in my last post that these kids dont hit each other "yet". I finally saw an 18 month old bite a 2.5 year old because she didnt have place to go somewhere!!
I tried explaining to her that what she did was wrong and she must say sorry. She said sorry but then she is simply too young to understand the meaning of the word sorry.
She probably knew she did something she shouldnt do in front of others.
But she did this twice and second time, I think she understood the graveness of the situation when the boy she bit wailed so loudly that the entire colony could hear!
This boy told by the other teachers is known to be the naughty of the lot. But though he is very active (running and shouting most of the time), I dont find him causing harm purposely to anyone.
Anyways, I'll slowly learn each of their behaviour and will create their profiles myself. There is no record as such about each kid. I'll start recording now.

Another thing I notice about children are they love hiding places. Like cockroaches they go and sit in a shelf or under a table or any corner in which they fit with difficulty.
My younger sister I remember was like that and my mom called her jhingur (which is cockroach in hindi :D )

I'll post some photos next week probably as I didnt take the camera on any day this week.
Theres one video in my phone and lets see how I can upload it here.


  1. hahahaha ... i guess biting at that age is the only biggest weapon kids have...

    i remember the day when i was bitten by the guy sitting next to me - and this happened in my second standard... i got the rest of the day off, but not before a fully sponsored anti-tetanus injection by the school from a nearby doc... i almost had that teeth mark for hours... i really dont recall the reason he bit me...

    that guy carried on in the same sections as i was for quite some time... till we parted i was wary of him... kept my body as far away from his mouth as possible...

  2. Yes you will learn a lot about kids behaivor....I still is learning everyday and that is the charm with to teach young children. The other day is not like the day before.... Have fun!