Saturday, March 7, 2009


We as teachers have a habit of judging children. "Oh this kid is too naughty!" ,
"He just wants to trouble others!" etc. We pass judgements too soon too and then these take form of prejudices and effect children later.
Children are what they are only because of their surroundings. Social behaviour cant be innated and so its up to us to develop it correctly. Passing judgements hinders this development.

Its very important for us to have an open mind, to analyze a childs behaviour and to understand why the child misbehaves. Once we have the cause, the solution to correct it comes automatically. Ofcourse, its not always straight-forward. An example could be that a child sees such behaviour at home and its not in our control to avoid that. But we can surely bring it to the concerned parents notice so they can help us too.

Rewards and punishments shouldnt be given to children. They misunderstand it. Their behaviour in front of you might be different but without you, it would be the same because the reward or punishment is only given by you. Positive behaviour can be encouraged without rewards. Acknowledging good behaviour is one such form of reinforcement of such behaviour and ignoring bad behaviour will help to keep it in check. When I say ignore, it means to the child it should seem that you didnt notice it. But ofcourse the behaviour shouldnt trouble another child and if it does, we should physically stop it.

PS: The poem is written by my hubby for me to let children know about leaves! How do you like it?


  1. If people stop judging people, that would put the Judges out of work :)))), lol.

    Of course children is a different issue altogether and my wifey knows more about them :)

  2. nice poem :)
    the best thing abt kids is the way they look at you...the innocence is almost scary :O

  3. yeah! but sometimes they aren't as innocent as they look! Watch out for my next post! :D

  4. Great poem anjum..tell Tan and also good to read ur experiences. Children are fun:-) not always though:-D - Vidya