Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clouds - White or Blue?

I drew a landscape for a child to color few days ago. There were clouds in my sky and the child started to color the clouds blue.
I asked her if the clouds were blue or the sky was blue? She said the clouds are blue! I said nope I think the sky is blue. She replied "I dont believe you!" I said okay come lets go see outside.
So we went outside and looked at the sky. I asked her do you see the white clouds now? She said nope. The clouds are blue the sky is white! And then I realised that its just perspective. The clouds were spread out in the sky and if I wasnt sure the sky is blue, I wouldnt know for sure.
Thats how the theory of the sun going around the earth was questioned in the first place! I learnt an important lesson. Teachers must have an open mind and must be able to give concrete evidence to make children believe or leave it to them! What do you think?


  1. Children develop true knowledge from making their own discoveries and coming to their own conclusions. She will eventually realize she's wrong, but it will be HER discovery and HER learning opportunity. By trying to be right, adults steal the satisfaction and joy of learning right from the child's hands. Congratulations on realizing that it's best to leave it up to them.

  2. Sounds like she was a student of Piaget. Remember you can't teach them, only give them the opportunities.

  3. Hi! Im so glad to have stumbled onto your blog! First, im really happy to find a montessori teacher in singapore whose sincerely passionate about the children. Its really lacking in our country! Pls contunue to share more!

  4. Thanks Cheok-Co-Late! Saw your blog and I'm impressed too.
    Your ideas are very innovative. Will use some for my classroom :)

  5. Tracy - Actually, Piaget was a student of Maria Montessori. :)